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Solution: The wood cross

This is the solution for the wood cross puzzle.

Let’s start by sorting your 18 pieces in different group. I’ve been so on the 3 pictures below, together with flagging each piece with a unique code (same code used for identical pieces). For easier follow-up of the solution, I recommend you start by doing the same to identify each piece.

Wood cross 1 
Wood cross 2 
Wood cross 3

Solution steps:

  1. We’ll prepare the main part of the structure using the pieces shown below.
    Wood cross 4
  2. Enclose the two V3 pieces with the H4 ones to reach the state shown below. Take care to align holes to have a T hole on top and a small rectangle below.
    Wood cross 5
  3. Trap now the H4 pieces with both sets of V1+V2 aligned on the V3. Make sure you keep your T hole on top and smaller rectangle hole below as shown on the picture below.
    Wood cross 6
  4. Prepare a second structure using the TR1 in the center surrounded with two TR2 as shown below.
    Wood cross 7
  5. The 3 TR structure have to fit in the small rectangular hole of the previous structure. To do so, raise the structure vertically as shown below and slide the two halves to open it. Move the three TRs inside as shown by the arrow then move it up while you close back the first structure to trap it inside.
    Wood cross 8Wood cross 9
  6. Take now the remaining H pieces and place onto the TR block added in the previous step as shown by the arrows below. Make sure you maintaint the T-shaped hole. Because of the cut in the bottom of the H1 piece, that one will slide down and won’t be aligned with the remaining ones. No worry, that’s on purpose.
    Wood cross 10
  7. Bring now the remaining TR2 piece and slide it inside the structure as shown by the curved arrow the push it in place forward as shown by the smaller arrow. Please, take care that the TR2 must be pushed opposite to the special cut in the H2 piece as shown below by the small square.
    Wood cross 11
  8. Bring now the TR3 piece and do the same step. Take care to enter it in the correct direction so that the special extra wood (shown by the rectangle below) on TR3 will fit in the special cut on H2 (shown by the rectangle on the picture above).
    Wood cross 12
  9. Place the last piece TR4 inside the structure, making sure you enter first the side having the cut as shown below. Once in place, move up the H1 piece and turn upside down your puzzle to have it rebuilt.
    Wood cross 13

Wood cross 14



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