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Solution: Hemi-spheres

This is the solution to the hemi-spheres puzzle.

Even if the puzzle is rated high difficulty, the solution is quite straightforward (but indeed hard to figure out first) as it involves a simple movement of only one part of the rope. Here is the starting position:

Hemi-spheres - Step 1 

Pick the loop of the rope highlighted by the cyan dot and push it through the brown ball as shown by the arrow.

Hemi-spheres - Step 2

Continue to pull the loop you just passed through the ball all the way along the rope and over one half of the end sphere as shown by the arrow above.

Hemi-spheres - Step 3

Now pull back the rope loop through the dark ball. Doing so will bring along the rope that is between the two hemi-spheres. You should reach the position shown below.

Hemi-spheres - Step 4

The puzzle is virtually done… as you can see on the picture above, the situation is quite symetric. On the right, the two hemispheres hold by a rope going through the dark ball; and on the left, two linked rope loops with the ring around them. The two different orientations of the hemispheres in the initial/final state all depend in fact of the choice of which left loop we’ll move from the position above. As we want to go to the opposite state as the one on the first picture above, we’ll move the ring over the other loop as shown by the arrow above.

Hemi-spheres - Step 5

From there, we’ll go through the dark ball again bringing the other loop along as shown by the arrow above.

Hemi-spheres - Step 6

Once done, we can move the loop around the second hemi-sphere as shown above.

Hemi-spheres - Step 7

The back to the other side through the dark ball as shown above. Here you go, we’re back to the initial state with the two hemi-spheres switched.

Hemi-spheres - Step 8



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