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Puzzle Solution: Window Pain

This is the Window Pain puzzle solution.

To solve this puzzle, only the cord should be used. It must follow a simple path. The ball itself does not have any usage; it’s just there to avoid moving both extremities of the cord inside the frame.

Solution steps:

  1. The path to execute will be shown step by step with pictures. Remark: It is important to always keep both sides of the rope aligned like they are on the start. During all the path, the “side” of the rope being on top of the frame relatively to the vertical stick it is bound to at the start (the rope part on the right of the cyan dot on the picture below) must always stay on the top. Crossing the rope must always be avoided.
    Free the ball - step 1
    The first move is to get the rope extremity through the small hole on the lower wood piece, the go around the frame ball and the upper wood piece. (Warning, from the above remark, it means that the frame ball will go through the rope, and the extremity of the upper wood piece as well).
  2. Free the ball - step 2
    The rope extremity can now go through the small hole of the upper wood stick; then around the frame ball again.
  3. Free the ball - step 3
    Once on the left of the frame ball, it can go through the upper wood stick again then above the frame ring.
  4. Free the ball - step 4
    Next, the rope will go through the frame ring then back downward through the upper stick hole.
  5. Free the ball - step 5
    Opposite of step 2; rope must go around the frame ball then through the frame upper stick hole again.
  6. Free the ball - step 6
    From that state, rope can easily be freed by pulling it out of the frame avoiding the obstacles. It must go around the frame ball again, then through the bottom of the frame ring, then through the lower frame wood piece to be completely freed.

To put it in place, follow the steps backward. 



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