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Breaking of The Ladder / Breaking of The Crystal

This is the procedure to break the Crystal puzzle. These explanations apply whatever the size of the crystal.

  1. Near one of the tops there is a small piece made of two visible cubes (on each side of top cube) bound together with just a small piece of wood linking them on 1 angle only. This piece can be rotated on 90° as shown on this picture:
    Breaking Crystal 1
    Remark: each top of the crystal must be gently “tested” to find out that specific; only one can rotate like that.
    Once it has been rotated, it can be moved around the top cube (see picture on step 2 below).

  2. The next piece below can then as well be moved closer to the top as shown by this arrow.
    Breaking Crystal 2
    If the crystal has N levels, N-2 pieces on the next levels can be moved closer to the top until the center is reached.

  3. Once the center is reached, it is possible to remove the external horizontal pieces by moving them as well slightly.
    Breaking Crystal 3

  4. From there, the crystal can be broken very easily (shaking it is often enough to have everything falling in pieces).
    Breaking Crystal 4

First part done, good luck with rebuilding it !



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